InnovaResort & SPA Belek Hotel is conscious of the importance of their guest’s health and has medical assistance on the ready in case of need. The hotel employs a nurse that is available throughout the day and an experienced medical doctor can be reached within minutes whenever the need arises. The nearest hospital is seven minutes away.

We want to you to remember your holiday with us and we help to make certain that your memories are forever with you and your family. We provide high quality digital photographs so that you can relive the wonderful moments you shared on your holiday. Foto offers their services for you so you can forever keep with you the memories you made here.

Innova Resort & SPA Belek Hotel provides with a market for all your needs so that you will not need to leave our resort in search of a needed item. There will be no need for you to spoil your holiday by searching through the busy confusing city when you are need of an anything. Our cheerful personnel are happy to help you with anything you desire so that you can return to enjoying your holiday. If we don’t have it, please ask one of our personnel and we will try to get it for you.

Alpen Rent A Car is a service with a variety of cars for rent. We don’t want you to feel like you don’t have a car in this city, as we always say, tell us what you need and we will get it for you. By renting a car you can enjoy the historic scenes, the sea and nature in your exploration of the city.

The sun, the Mediterranean Sea and the stars aren’t the only source of shine here! The gold and diamonds that Fancy Jeweller displays will sparkle and attract you to their wonderful appeal. Sometimes these were the causes of wars, the wealth of the countries were being measured by them; sometimes they became the symbol of wealth; and sometimes they form a symbol of love. Jewelry is such a tradition that it will not lose its importance on earth, it’s value will never disappear.

Our playroom is available to you whenever you want to have fun with games. We provide billards, ping pong, pin ball and have a bowling saloon for your enjoyment. We want you have the best holiday possible and so we provide as many fun activities as we can so that you can choose to do whatever makes you happy.

Innova Resort & SPA Belek Hotel understands that beauty requires effort, time and professinalism. We help destroy all the harmful effects of the sun which can affect the appeance of your skin and hair. We help to rejuvinate your skin and hair so you can look as happy and rested as you feel. We take the responsibiility of caring for your skin and hair by providing you with a hygenic area to do it. If you want a change, we can cut and style your hair and also provide make-up application. Looking beautiful is your right.

We provide you with alternatives in water fun. Enjoy your time ashore with the supplied water sport equipment, such as Banana, Jetski, water skiing, wind surfing, parasailing and canoe. All of these are made available to you by a subcontracter we hired for your entertainment.
The only thing you have to do is select the clean and cool water of the Mediterranean or the excellent swimming pools of our hotel.

Innova Resort & SPA Belek Hotel does not want to keep you away from the technologies you love. We offer internet saloons where you can access any needed information and your children can enjoy computer games. We provide
in our institution, wireless internet serivice is free of charge and available all day in general areas. We pride in supplying you with the benefit of technology without setting a limit in area.

We offer you an experience of shopping at a bazaar without leaving the premises. You can find everything you need and browse in our botique for beach and swimming supplies and a variety of dresses. We provide you with this market so you don’t have to leave and venture into the noisy and confuisng city on your own. We bring it all to you.

Leder displays a variety of qulity leather with adequate prices. If you want to feel the finery and nobleness of the leather, we suggest you visit this leather shop during your visit at our hotel.

If you don’t want to leave empty handed then please visit the Can Seuvenier giftware shop in Innova Resort & SPA Belek Hotel. Bring home the memories of the places that you toured and enjoyed on your holiday. Let your loved ones know that you did not forget about them during your holiday by giving a gift.